Great Date

Great Date

There are plenty of ways to show affection and have fun dates without sexual activity. But everyone can use a good idea or two. Share about your best date and what made it special, or your favorite (non-sexual!) way to show affection. Or read on for ideas for how to get out of the “movie date” rut and become the kind of date that everyone wants!

Date Ideas/Group Activities

  • Go for a walk on the beach submitted by PM
  • Go to the library and find the cheesiest joke book you can. submitted by BS, age 16
  • play music for each other submitted by ry, age 14
  • volunteer together on a saturday submitted by tb
  • walk around the mall submitted by LS, age 15
  • Buy each other funny outfits at a thrift store
  • Go to the movies but when you go ladies bring friends along so he doesn't try anything stupid submitted by JO, age 13
  • Go to the movies submitted by DC, age 19
  • watching old disney movies that you use to love. the one's you wish you were in because there was always a happyily ever after submitted by kk, age 13
  • go watch a movie with some friends. submitted by FT, age 14
  • play a sport together and get something to eat afterward. submitted by LK, age 14
  • Have a picnic at night under the stars (somewhere by the water). submitted by CD, age 16
  • Pretend to be tourists in your own town for the day and go around the places of attraction submitted by VK, age 21
  • lisen ^, guys! if u realy wana blow ur date away, try dis: pic her up, take her 2 a picnic @ de beach, n find a way 2 dedicate a song 2 her on de radio, but make shur shes lisnin in de car! submitted by bg, age 14

Ways to Show You Care

  • Frame a picture you have of the both of you and give it as a gift. submitted by CR, age 19
  • write & send them a letter in the mail. everybody likes to recieve letters. submitted by am, age 14
  • For the Guys: Buy a dozen roses take one out and replace it for a fake one, then tell her that "my love for you will end when the last rose dies." submitted by AC, age 14
  • Be honest. Always submitted by ew, age 21
  • Share a private blog. It will be a place where you can be totally honest with one another and share your thoughts. submitted by VK, age 21
  • Hug =-)
  • Give great advice submitted by CT, age 13
  • Go shopping and talk about how beautiful or good looking they are when they try on clothes to make them feel good. submitted by af, age 14
  • writing Notes or poems to show that u care about him/her submitted by JJ, age 16
  • Never kiss a guy in a first date. submitted by jb, age 16
  • Be there for the person, try to understand them. submitted by CC, age 17
  • Be sure to make great choises (abstain) submitted by AN, age 13

My Best Date Was...

  • Me and my friend, who is a girl (I don't believe in girlfriends), went to the zoo and saw some goats, and had fun! we called it a goat-see! submitted by GD, age 14
  • Was when my boyfriend at the time and I went to the Commons and just walked around and enjoyed the summer breeze. submitted by CB, age 18
  • My best date was around Halloween of '05...we went to a haunted house and then a football game....he was so sweet about everything... submitted by KK, age 15
  • When I took my girlfriend to see the Nutcracker. After, we went to rent a movie, we laughed and enjoyed our night. submitted by CA, age 16
  • my best date was when the kid that i have liked forever rescued me from my not-so-good date. submitted by TH, age 16
  • Went on a double date. Just went to the movies, went out to eat, talked and really got to know each other submitted by CC, age 17
  • valentine's day, he was so sweet he brought me my favorite flower, blue roses, and took me to a romantic restaurant and after that we went for a walk around boston common submitted by ac, age 18
Share your dating idea, or a way to show affection.

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